Meeting Lord Gnome

As I mentioned in my last post I did some work this summer at Private Eye magazine. It was amazing. At the end of my time there Ian Hislop asked me into his office to discuss how I’d been finding my time there and I was so happy I was very nearly sick in my mouth.

They were so accommodating and really practice what they preach. In any other publication with the experience I had at the time I would have been chucked in the corner to make tea, not paid and not given real stories to work on, however they just let me get on with it and paid me NUJ approved day rates. By far the best short-term work I have done so far in my ever so young journalism career.

Anyway, here is the cover that has the last of the stories I helped out with. Not all their stories go online (probably why they actually make a profit, take heed other future employers) so here is the cover. You won’t see it in shops as my Dad has bought EVERY SINGLE COPY.


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